Building for Babies

Every new mom knows the feeling... you want your first moments with your newborn to be a “5-star” experience in every way. You want to bring your incredible baby into an environment that is beautiful, restful, modern and welcoming. After all, it’s not your grandmother’s generation – so why settle for a Maternity department that looks like it did when she was a new mom!

The Onslow Memorial Hospital Foundation couldn’t agree more! That’s why “Building for Babies” has been identified as our 2017- 2018 Annual Giving Campaign.

In the months ahead, we will be fundraising for significant improvements to the Maternal Child Services Floor which includes Labor & Delivery, Nursery, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and Pediatrics. There is a lot of work to be done, and your active engagement is needed! We owe it to all the moms-to-be in Onslow County to make our facility the very best.

Now more than ever, we need your support. Every gift to our Building for Babies Campaign is vitally important to further our mission to provide compassionate care, with best services and the newest technology in the most pleasing of environments for all of our moms and babies.

Let’s take Onslow Memorial Hospital’s Maternal Child Services floor to a whole new level. Let’s go all the way to “5-star” – and let’s begin now!

For more information about our upcoming 2018 Black Tie Gala and how you can get involved, click here.

Project 317 Bistro

Project 317 Bistro is our 2016-2017 fundraising campaign to renovate the kitchen and grill areas of our hospital cafeteria. Our goal is always to serve the patient, their family members and loved ones, as well as our own important ‘family’–all our hospital employees. Improving 317 Bistro will directly affect all those we serve, and those who serve us each and every day. The kitchen and grill areas must meet the needs of a diverse population: our patients, their families and loved ones, the members of our community, and all our employees. We prepare more than 100,000 patient meals each year, and feed over 200,000 people each year. Project 317 Bistro will provide new technology and innovative equipment, such as open air coolers, hot and cold bars, and a bigger salad bar which will allow us to provide quick “grab and go” healthy options.

Project 2020 By also creating a new workflow pattern and patient ordering system, our 317 Bistro will be able to make healthy and delicious foods available throughout the day and night, even during our busiest hours and cafeteria “off hours.” Through implementing new technological advancements in food preparation, distribution, and safety, we can impact the health and well-being of our most important customers: patients and their families.

For sponsorship information, please click here.

2016 Campaign: Project Healthy Spaces

Thanks to the incredible turnout of support, the OMH Foundation was able to raise over $120,000 by “The Roaring Twenties’, Onslow Memorial Hospital’s 8th Annual Fundraiser. The majority of these funds were to support Project Healthy Spaces, our campaign to renovate the patient lobby and waiting areas at Onslow Diagnostics. The Extreme Makeover was a huge success.

The OMH Foundation was able to use the funds from Project Healthy Spaces to purchase new furniture for the two main lobbies and the other patient waiting areas. The new and improved seating is covered in environmentally-friendly fabrics that are easy to clean, significantly reducing the risk of healthcare-acquired infections.

In addition, the new furniture, which has firmer cushions and arm rests, is ergonomically designed to assist people with the transition from sitting to standing. This is especially helpful for the elderly, ill patients, or patients with disabilities or injuries. Onslow Diagnostics also received a new coat of paint along with new pictures. The fresh new color and new additions give Onslow Diagnostics a whole new look. An increasing number of clinical studies show that improved hospital design can reduce stress and anxiety, and have a measurable, significant impact on clinical outcomes, patient costs, and patient satisfaction. HGTV would be proud!

A big thank you to Paula Garris and all the many volunteers that made this makeover possible. We couldn’t have done it without you. And thanks again to all of our Sponsors and Donors for supporting The Roaring Twenties, Project Healthy Spaces!